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Stone Acres Farm is always looking for hardworking, passionate people to join our team.  If you love the outdoors, are passionate about our food systems or want to join our events team, please feel free to reach out.  

Job Openings

Stone Acres Farm

Farm Stand Manager

To Apply:

Please submit resume and cover letter to


Job description 

Farm Stand Manager will oversee all aspects of running the Stone Acres farm stand, managing relationships with vendors for deliveries, and customers as well as the chief liaison to the farm team and will report directly to the CEO. This is an hourly-rate 40-hour week position until late Fall but with the potential to be year-round and possibility of growing into an annual salary position with benefits.



  • Overseeing the Farm Stand and Winter Pantry. Working in the stand to supervise stocking, organizing, displaying goods, and providing customer service. 

  • Supervise ordering, pricing, marketing, quality control, inventory management and record keeping. 

  • Establishing relationships with new vendors and soliciting customer feedback.

  • Engaging in social media promotion for SAF retail.

  • Working closely with the farm production team to understand the harvest cycle and market the produce

  • Identifying new wholesale clients and building partnerships.

  • Highlighting SAF/client partnerships on social media.

Skills required

  • Clear and efficient communications skills

  • Ability to prioritize and complete necessary tasks

  • Good teamwork skills

  • Enthusiasm for learning new skills through on-the-job training

  • Have flexibility to accommodate seasonal schedule changes 

  • Ability to interact with other team members, customers and clients professionally.

  • Basic familiarity with spreadsheets for financial reporting

  • Social media fluency

  • Ability and desire to work with customers, clients, vendors. 

  • Previous retail experience preferred.



To Apply:

Email resume, Letter of Introduction, and two references to Director of Farm Operations, Will Conway, at

We are currently seeking farm crew for the 2023 season. We are seeking two full time employees and one part time employee to join our team from April 1st through the end of October. Farm team members are responsible for carrying out the daily operations of the farm including seeding, planting, cultivating, harvesting, washing and packing.

The ideal farm crew candidate has experience farming, landscaping, or gardening. Farm crew members must be able to repeatedly lift 50 pounds. Farmers work in all conditions including rain and heat. 

Pay starts at $15 an hour.


ON SITE HOUSING is available for the right candidates.


To Apply:

Email resume, Letter of Introduction, and two references to Director of Farm Operations, Will Conway, at

This position is Full Time May - October. The main role of this job is to work with the Flower and Poultry Manager in harvesting flowers, maintaining the flower field (weeding, pruning, fertilizing), and producing artful bouquets for our farm stand.

In addition to flower farming and bouquet making this person assists our pastured poultry operation. We raise laying hens, broilers, and turkeys. Pastured poultry work includes feeding, watering, checking fences, and loading birds for delivery to the butcher.

This would be a good fit for someone with artistic and crafty skills and relevant experience farming or gardening. 

Job Requirements:

Able to work in all weather
Able to lift 50lbs repeatedly
Experience working with plants


Pay starts at $15 per hour.

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